The UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) is a “GREEN” material, as it does not include resins or plastic components, and it has several important technical features:

• Impermeable
• High-durability (2 to 3 times longer than that of conventional concrete)
• Customizable textures (using appropriate moulds)
• Customizable colours of the mixture
• Freeze/Thaw Resistant

Please find attached the datasheet with technical specifications.

THE ITALIAN LAB UHPC produces customized mixtures based on customers’ needs adjusting the compression resistance, flexure and porosity, using local raw materials and bringing down CO2 emissions.


50% more flexible

Class M0/A2 flame-retardant

Mouldable shapes

8 times more compressible

Freeze/Thaw Resistant

Customized surfaces

Impermeable to infiltrations

Abrasion resistant

Technical specifications:

Compressive strength ≥ 140 MPa
Flexural strength (matrix) ≥ 18 MPa
Flexural strength (reinforced) ≥ 25 MPa
Fracture energy 55 kN/m
Thickness ≥ 2 mm
Carbonation 1.5 mm after 3 years